Personal Shipment Customs Clearance

We find we are receiving an increasing number of calls each day from individuals looking to order products from the U.S. We have the ability to customs clear all of your newly bought goods. Whether it is a sofa, appliance, computer, etc. As one of the most cost effective choices for your customs brokerage needs, we have the expertise to make sure your goods move seamlessly across the border.


Step 1

Contact us for a quote. Many shippers will not ship anything from the U.S. without you supplying them a contact name and number of a customs broker. A customs broker is required to clear the product through customs at the border.

Step 3

Once you send us the requested information, we will send you a pre-clearance invoice along with payment instructions.

Step 5

We are all set! The transport or courier company will forward us the formal clearance request. We will process your shipment through customs and the transport or courier company will then be able to deliver the product to you.

Step 2

One of our certified customs specialists will email you a quote along with next steps. We usually require a copy of the invoice or order confirmation which has the purchase price and the product description.

Step 4

Payment processed.  After you make a payment, we will be able to clear your shipment through customs. Please ensure the shipper or transport company is given our contact details as follows:

Customs Broker: Bay City Brokers

Tel: 877-535-4777  Fax: 866-400-0701

Get a Quote

Quick & Easy!

  • Ship

    Once you place the order for the product with the U.S. based seller, the seller will usually ask for your customs broker details. Please pass along the following information: Customs Broker - Bay City Brokers Tel 877-535-4777 Fax 866-400-0701

  • Clear

    The transport or courier company will get in touch with us regarding the clearance of your shipment using the contact details supplied by the seller. We will clear your shipment through customs.

  • Delivered

    Once cleared through customs, the transport or courier company will then be able to deliver the product to you. It’s really that easy!


Our team consists of Certified Customs Specialists (CCS designates) who have passed a lengthy examination based on Canada Customs rules and regulations.  This proves that they have the knowledge necessary to be experts at what they do.


Customs clearance is a very time sensitive business and we take great pride in every shipment we clear. Interruptions to your business can prove costly.   We ensure there are no delays in the customs clearance of your shipments.


With us, there are no extra complex fees! Some customs brokers are known to add additional fees such as line fees, PARS fees, EDI fees, cod fees, etc. With our flat customs brokerage fee you know exactly what you are paying.

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