Please note, PARS status will only show up as accepted once your e-manifest is accepted.
If you are trying to check before your e-manifest is set-up, the PARS acceptance status will NOT come up.

PARS status will show up in about 2.5 hours after you have sent us the PARS request.

If your PARS request is missing the commercial invoice, it will not show up on this PARS tracker. Please re-send us the full PARS request as soon as you have the commercial invoices. Without these commercial invoice(s), we will not be able to set up the PARS request.

If after 2.5 hours your PARS is not appearing on the PARS tracker below, please send us an email with your PARS paperwork to Our clearance specialist will email you to explain why the PARS was not set up. PARS not being set up could be due to one of the followings issues; documents are missing from your PARS requests, importer’s account is on hold due to a credit hold or the PARS request is a client which is not one of ours.

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