Committed to giving importers the guidance and expertise they expect and deserve when dealing with a licensed customs broker. We are licensed and bonded to clear shipments at all border crossings across Canada.

It’s About Service

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the customs clearance industry. We understand a shipment awaiting customs clearance can lead to storage penalties. We work diligently to ensure all shipments are cleared through customs without any delays.

Competitive Rates

Everyone refers to their rates as competitive. We mean it! We typically save our clients around 40% in customs brokerage related fees. We do not charge any of those pesky additional clearance fees which can sometimes double your customs brokerage costs.

Locations Across Canada

With offices across Canada rest assured your shipment is being handled by Certified Customs Specialists who are experts at what they do.  Whether it’s a container landing at the port in Vancouver or a truck crossing at the Windsor Ontario border crossing, we can help.

Getting It Done

We are committed to clearing your goods through customs; whether it is one box, one pallet or a full truckload.   We have the knowledge and expertise to clear your goods through customs seamlessly.  Courier, truck, air or ocean, our experts know how.

Trade Compliance

With our specialized expertise and industry leading knowledge, we can guide you through complex customs regulations and trade issues. Trade compliance is very crucial when dealing with customs and our specialists have the expertise to assist.

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Our team consists of Certified Customs Specialists (CCS designates) who have passed a lengthy examination based on Canada Customs rules and regulations.  This proves that they have the knowledge necessary to be experts at what they do.


Customs clearance is a very time sensitive business and we take great pride in every shipment we clear. Interruptions to your business can prove costly.   We ensure there are no delays in the customs clearance of your shipments.


With us, there are no extra complex fees! Some customs brokers are known to add additional fees such as line fees, PARS fees, EDI fees, cod fees, etc. With our flat customs brokerage fee you know exactly what you are paying.

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